Meter Rate

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                                                          Orange County Approved Taxicab Rate

  Meter Rate: $2.95 First ¼ Mile  $0.65 Cent Each Additional ¼ Mile

 $30.00 Per Hour Wait Time

                                                                                                     No extra charge for additional passengers


                                                                                                          Our Taxicabs are regulated by:


                                                                                                                    P.O. Box 14184,

                                                                                                              Orange, Ca 92863-1584

                                                                                                              OCTAP (949)654-8294


                                                                    Direct Non-stop Service for the price of a shuttle.



            Up to 6 passengers ride for the price of one.Our taxicab rates are always posted in our vehicles, Rates are set by OCTAP.





 At your Service 24/7/365


Octap Permit #76
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