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Lost & Found:


Forgot something? If you accidentally left something in one of our taxis, email us at

Sherry@247checker.com or call us.

Be sure to leave your name, contact phone number, date and origination of trip and a brief description of the lost articles.

If a driver finds a item left behind by a customer he must make every attempt to secure said item and return to rightful owner, if rightful owner can not be contacted within the first 24 hours than the driver must turn in said item to Checker Cabs management.

We are not responsible for items left behind. We will make every attempt to located and return your lost items. As there are many people whom are in our vehicles all day long locating items may be impossible. Checker Cab management will make every attempt to get in contact with the rightful owner and return item, if the management team is unable to get in contact with the rightful owner, then Checker Cab Co will keep item in secure allocated location for no more or less then 180 days. Once period passes and no person determined to either discard said item or if item is considerate value then item will be turned over to local law enforcement.





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