California DUI Costs

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 There is no safe way to drink and drive. Why ever drink and drive?

Even one drink can make you an unsafe driver.

Why take that chance?

If you cant drive safely and responsibly here is what is recommended;

   Always designate a sober driver. 

 The next time you drink arrange for your family member or friend to pick you up.


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These days you’re seeing more and more DUI checkpoints, the goal of A California DUI checkpoint is to reduce accidents related to California drunk driving, the fine for the first offense is $1400 to $1800. The fines don’t include fees and costs; the fine for the second and third offense doubles the $1800 to $2800 without court costs.

Fees you will need to pay for:

Attorney fees, Court fees, Car Insurance, Booking Fees,

Fingerprinting fees, DUI fines, DUI Classes, Vehicle Towing Vehicle Storage fees, Assessment for the court system, Community Service fees, DUI Victims fund, Alcohol Abuse Education fund.

The expense gets higher and higher …….. 

The fine can be paid in equal installments for an additional charge or in full within 45 days of conviction. Alternatively the equivalent of the fine can be paid by working for community service. All that expense you could leave in your pocket, where it belongs.                         

        Why take the chance? You can save a life......



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