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            When you want reliable-worry-free transportation consider Checker Cab Co. TAXI SERVICE                                                                          

                              Checker Cab Co., Hand picks the very best drivers.


All drivers for Checker Cab Co.  are self –employed. They either own their own cab or lease a cab from Checker Cab Co.  qualifications are based on driving record safety, professional appearance and attitude. Drivers enjoy the freedom of setting their own hours and managing their own business.


                                     If you are interested in driving a Taxi CAB please follow this procedure:


                                                       What you will need to join Checker Cab Co.


                                                                                              Complete a driver permit application.

                                                                                              A current (less than 30 days) H-6 form from the DMV.

                                                                                              Two current passport color photos.

                                                                                              A valid California Drivers License.

                                                                                             You will need to take a Live Scan Fingerprint.



                                        You will be required to pass a background check and drug screening.



         If you are interested or would like more information, please contact Checker Cab Co., management at 949-732-8002.











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